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Discus CS

The Discus CS  is the club's premier single-seat glider, and is available for solo pilots to fly after developing their skills in the club's SZD Junior.

The Discus is a capable cross-country machine, with excellent glide performance, a comfortable cockpit, and modern instrumentation. Thanks to its good maneuverability and sturdy construction, it is also capable of basic aerobatics.

Despite its high performance, the Discus is a safe and predictable aircraft, making it a favourite among the club's intermediate and advanced pilots alike.

 Schemp-Hirth Discus CS - Aircraft Data
 Country of Manufacture:  Czech Republic  Registration:  VH-VCS
 Manufactured:  2007  Empty Weight:  233 kg
 Construction:  Fibreglass / Carbon Fibre  Wingspan:  15m
 Best Glide Ratio:  45:1  G-Limits:

 +5.3 / -2.65

 Instrumentation:  LXNav S100  Maximum Speed:  250 kph / 135 kts
 Member Rate:  $0.70 / Minute  Flight Manual:  Discus CS Flight Manual
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