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For a guide to the total cost of learning to glide, see Learning to Glide.

All prices listed below are inclusive of GST.

Air experience flights

Air experience flights are charged at the following rates:

Standard: Launch 2000ft above ground level (approx. 20 mins airborne) $249

Deluxe: Launch 3000ft above ground level (approx. 30 mins airborne) $299


Our membership fees are listed on the Join Us! page. All members who wish to receive instruction of act as pilot in command must also be current members of the Gliding Federation of Australia.


For use of club aircraft, charges are as follows.

 Glider  Registration  Rate
 DG-1000S  VH-VWR  $0.90 / min
 DG-1000S  VH-NDG  $0.90 / min
 DG-505 Elan  VH-VMF  $0.90 / min
 Duo Discus XT  VH-ZRD $1.20 / min 
 Discus CS  VH-VCS  $0.70 / min
 Junior  VH-XOA  $0.60 / min

Tug aircraft

Rates for use of tug aircraft are as follows.

 Activity  Aircraft  Rate
 Aerotow launch  Pawnee PA25 - VH-TNC, VH-BCK, VH-SSO (Geelong Gliding Club)  $7.70 / min
 Ferry rate  Pawnee PA25 - VH-TNC, VH-BCK  $6.30 / min
 Dry hire (members)  Pawnee PA25 - VH-TNC, VH-BCK  $4.50 / min
 Dry hire (non-members and other clubs)  Pawnee PA25 - VH-TNC, VH-BCK  $4.97 / min

Hangar / Workshop

Rental of one of the club's hangar spaces is by annual agreement at the rate of $1,300 per annum, invoiced monthly.

Rental of space in the club's workshop is charged at $15 per week.

BMAM aerodrome movement fees

For members with private gliders at Bacchus Marsh, the Bacchus Marsh Airfield Management charges movement fees of $220 per annum or $7 per day.

Other charges

MGC cap or bucket hat $25.

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