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DG-1000S (x2)

The DG-1000S is Melbourne Gliding Club's primary training aircraft, with the club owning two of the type.

As an evolution of the DG-505, the DG-1000S shares all of its good characteristics - as well as including some improvements.

The DG-1000S is an easy-to-fly, robust, comfortable aircraft, with excellent performance. Unlike many training aircraft, the DG-1000S is difficult to outgrow. It is a highly capable design, and may be fitted with optional 20 m wingtips to improve its performance even further. In the 18 m configuration, the airframe is fully aerobatic - which stands as a testament to the strength and safety of the aircraft.

A majority of the club's student pilots have gone solo in one of the -1000S. The only downside of this is that it can be hard to want to fly anything else!

DG Flugzeugbau DG-1000S - Aircraft Data
 Country of Manufacture:  Germany  Registration:  VH-NDG, VH-VWR
 Manufactured:  2013 (NDG), 2014 (VWR)  Empty Weight:  411 kg
 Construction:  Fibreglass / Carbon Fibre  Wingspan:  18 / 20 m
 Best Glide Ratio:  42:1 / 46:1 (18 m / 20 m)  G-Limits:  +7, -5
 Instrumentation:  LXNav S100  Maximum Speed:  270 kph / 146 kts
 Member Rate:  $0.90 / Minute  Flight Manual:  DG1000s Flight Manual
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