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SZD-51 Junior

The SZD-51 Junior is a purpose-built training aircraft, designed specifically to aid early solo pilots in the transition from twin-seat to single-seat aircraft.

While the performance is nothing to write home about, the Junior is a gentle, durable and manoeuvrable aircraft and a joy to fly. Compared to the larger, heavier twin-seaters, getting into the Junior feels more like you're strapping the aircraft on, rather than strapping yourself in.

The Junior is the club's most affordable aircraft, and excels at staying airborne in weak conditions. This makes it ideal for building flight hours and experience, while enjoying easy, relaxing flights at the home airfield. It's even capable of some basic aerobatics!

 SZD-51 Junior - Aircraft Data
 Country of Manufacture:  Poland  Registration:   VH-XOA
 Manufactured:  1986  Empty Weight:  240 kg
 Construction:  Fibreglass  Wingspan:  15m
 Best Glide Ratio:  35:1  G-Limits:

 +5.3 / -2.65

 Instrumentation:  LXNav S100  Maximum Speed:  220 kph / 118.8 kts
 Member Rate:  $0.60 / Minute  Flight Manual:  SZD51 Junior Flight Manual
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